Anastasia Mastilovic (rus. Анастасия Мастилович) was born in Moscow.
She had exhibited an artistic flare from a very young age. When she moved with her family to New York, USA, she would often visit The Metropolitan Museum
of Art, as well as the The Met Cloisters, and paint there for many hours. Upon her return to Moscow at the age of 8, Anastasia enrolled in an art studio for children, where she was under the tutelage of Igor Gerasimov, a renowned
master of water color paintings in Russia. During this period, Anastasia developed various techniques within this field, and had some of her ceramic artworks exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery (2002-2005). She then went to the Krasnopresnenskaya Children’s Art School (2005-2007), before progressing to the Children’s Art School №1, named after V.A. Serov (2007-2011).
After completing school, Anastasia enrolled at the Moscow Academic Art College (2012-2016) where she specialized in Conservation of icons and paintings. Almost all of the conservation and restoration work was carried
out on original works from the museum collections, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Two major museums included the State Historical Museum and The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve «Kolomenskoye».
Finally, after graduating from college, she was accepted at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute (2017-2019), named after V.I.Surikov, at the Russian Academy of Arts, specializing in Graphic Arts. At the Faculty of Graphics, she engaged in illustration and book design, easel graphics, posters, study type, and graphic design. Her studies also incorporated various techniques and materials, such as lithography, etching, and engraving. Anastasia’s paintings have been exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Historical Museum, the Moscow Union of Artists, the Central House of Artists, and other exhibition
halls in Moscow. She now lives and works in the USA.



2017 — 2019   Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov at the Russian Academy of Arts


2012 — 2016   Moscow Academic Art College

2007 — 2011   Children’s Art School №1 named after V.A. Serov

2005 — 2007   Krasnopresnenskaya Children’s Art School

2002 — 2005   Art studio for children of Tretyakov Gallery




2021   "TIME MACHINE"  

             III International Exhibition-Competition of Conceptual Art




            "SHADES OF BLUE"

            Art Room Online Gallery


           Virtual exhibition 'New Era' at the Art Number 23 Gallery

            London, United Kingdom


2020   Solo Art Exhibition

           Marvelous Art Gallery


           First All-Russian Eco-Art Festival of Intellectual Art “OTHER REALITY”

           Saint Petersburg,Russia




            Art Room Online Gallery



2019   39th Youth Exhibition of the “Union of Artists of Russia”
           Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia


          Gallery Merkoulov, “Art-Spring”,
          The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.


          “Window to Europe”, Russian Art Guide,

           Moscow, Russia

 2015  Exhibition «Illustrations to Japanese Sayings»,           

            State Moscow Center of Culture and creativity «Nega», Moscow, Russia


2013  3rd place in the International competition Art Festival
         «Drawing the Saint Basils Cathedral»,


 2021   Russian Art Guide 2021

            catalog-reference, printed edition, International


            Marvelous Artists Book

            Collective Art Book Series No.1


            Сhislennichek 2021

            Calendar, printed edition, International


 2020   First All-Russian Eco-Art Festival of Intellectual Art “OTHER REALITY”

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            Art Hole: 4 (September Issue)



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            Art Hole: 6 (November Issue)

            Magazine, printed edition



            Marvelous Art Magazine (December Issue)



            Art Hole: 7 (December Issue)




My art has been influenced by two predominant movements; expressionism and surrealism. Although, my goal is to remain outside of any “isms”, preferring to create my own unique way. My inspiration is daily life with an emphasis on Christianity, love, and death.

In the world I have created, fantasy merges with reality, and Christian symbolism is ever-present. The theme of the Apocalypse touches me deeply. All the moments of a person’s life and actions have meaning. And this meaning has an end. This eternal theme is something that I feel most intimately when I visit cemeteries and Gothic cathedrals. If each person has his own destiny, then the artist’s one is to create.

I am working in monotype, linocuts, pastels and painting. At the same time, I do not limit myself to the color palette, I combine texture and material to create picturesque allegories.