Online Solo Exhibition together with Marvelous Art Gallery

November 23 - November 28 Excited to announce Online Solo Exhibition together with Marvelous Art Gallery

This is first Anastasia`s Online Solo Exhibition. Most of artworks were created during the pandemic. And this is a completely new direction in her art!

Marvelous Art Gallery is proud to present a selection of their work. They are widely recognized for a unique artistic process and have traveled all over the world to create original, innovative fine art. Owing to unforgettable cultural encounters, great teachers and personal ambition, this talented artist seeks to spread artistry on an international scale.


Video tour of the mobile version of the personal online exhibition of Anastasia Mastilovic in the Marvelous Art Gallery.

"My art has been influenced by two predominant movements; expressionism and surrealism. Although, my goal is to remain outside of any “isms”, preferring to create my own unique way. My inspiration is daily life with an emphasis on Christianity, love, and death.

In the world I have created, fantasy merges with reality, and Christian symbolism is ever-present. The theme of the Apocalypse touches me deeply. All the moments of a person’s life and actions have meaning. And this meaning has an end. This eternal theme is something that I feel most intimately when I visit cemeteries and Gothic cathedrals. If each person has his own destiny, then the artist’s one is to create.

I am working in monotype, linocuts, pastels and painting. At the same time, I do not limit myself to the color palette, I combine texture and material to create picturesque allegories."

Anastasia Mastilovic

Exhibition flyers with painting "Universe Djokonda" 2020

ABOUT Universe Djokonda

Everything in the world is interconnected. Our thoughts, our actions, and our ability to rejoice in the little things – all of this is a single chain of energy, interwoven with millions of others like us. Each person sees what they have already created inside their mind, that which is encapsulated from the world that surrounds them. But each of our feelings and actions has an Antipode – another, parallel universe. Another reality, another Djokonda – a symbol of femininity, trepidation and fatal secrets. What is femininity? What secret can the famous smile of the Beautiful Lady hide? My picture of the Universe Djokonda is a discourse on the duplicity of the world, the fragility of being, and the mutability of reality.