The First All-Russian Eco-Art Festival of Intellectual Art OTHER REALITY

Anastasia is participating with 2 artworks "Universe Djokonda" and "Thought Before The Apocalypse" at the art festival OTHER REALITY.

When it becomes obvious to everyone how helpless a person is before nature, the Universe and the higher mind, it is necessary to think and reflect on how fragile his existence is. And what is a person really. Man is weak and absurd by nature. And the results are not long in coming. We observe a global crisis in various areas. The laws of anthropoecology work. The reality we all know, garbage dumps, shallow rivers, sick people, is not the only reality. There is another. Deeper, not obvious, but it exists. As the basic foundation of everything that we observe. This is a different reality.



Acrylic, oil pastel


Acrylic, oil pastel

The festival is held in three stages:

preparatory (April-October 2020)

qualifying (november-december 2020)

final (January-March 2021)

The result is the final exposition, as a synergy of creative intelligence, immersing the viewer in the reflections and philosophy of the authors, in order to solve the most important problems related to human nature, the crisis of future and past catastrophes, evolution, at one of the venues in St. Petersburg.

“It's time to accept the fact that there is a different reality. And it’s not fiction, it’s not in books or movies. We humans have long forgotten that we are part of nature, and do not rule over it. We have forgotten that our existence on Earth is based on endless consumption and saturation. That a man was given reason not to kill all living things.

We humans constantly forget about the main thing: about real values.

And all this leads to the same result: the disappearance of civilizations. Each time it happens according to the same scenario. Scientists, historians, publicists, writers and others have been talking about this for a long time. The time has come for the people of art to have their say. And show all aspects of the global ecological crisis in artistic language. Become a part of a large socially important art. Have your say! "

Festival curator Olga Dmitrieva

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Diploma for participation at The First All-Russian Eco-Art Festival

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